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  • Open Beta MMORPGs December 2014

    0 CommentsPosted by on December 2, 2014 under Top Games Lists
    Some great open beta MMORPGs are here for MMO fans to enjoy on the last month of December. All of these are open to the public and free to play. A short description of each game is given along with a link to the game's official website. Please leave a comment below if you have tried out any of these MMORPGs. Archlord 2 - the public test server is open from December 2-8, 2014. Archlord 2 is ... more.
  • New MMORPGs September 2014 – Open and Closed Beta Games

    1 CommentsPosted by on September 11, 2014 under Free MMORPGs
    For people who are looking for closed and open beta MMORPG games, here is a list of newly launched MMOs with links. Each game is briefly described so you can have an idea of what it is about before you visit the MMORPG's official website. Kindly note that these are brand new and some are still in the pre-launch phase so not all features might be available. You can leave a comment below if you have... more.
  • Best New MMORPG 2014 – Open Beta Games

    0 CommentsPosted by on July 23, 2014 under Top Games Lists
    Out with the old, in with the new. For people who are sick of the same old massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) they have been playing all this time, here is a list of the newest and best MMO games of 2014. This includes open beta games and newly launched free to play MMORPGs. Closed beta MMOs and those that are not yet in English are not included. Best New MMORPG 2014 A... more.
  • Free Zombie Games Online

    0 CommentsPosted by on March 4, 2014 under Top Games Lists
    Here's a nice treat for all you zombie lovers out there - I have found a very cool online game that's free to play and awesome! The World's #1 Zombie MMORPG In this multiplayer zombie apocalypse game, players will need to have their wits about them as they struggle for survival in the decaying, zombie infested city of Fairview. Will you stay in the relative safety of the last remaining ... more.
  • Best MMORPG 2014

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 21, 2014 under Top Games Lists
    2014 is here so it's just about time to talk about current, new and upcoming MMO games. What will be the best MMORPG games of 2014? First up are the games that are currently fully released and playable. Best MMORPG 2014 Free to Play In my opinion, the best MMORPG of 2014 is Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter. I'm only talking about MMOs that are playable right now in English. So stuff tha... more.
  • New MMORPG 2014 List

    0 CommentsPosted by on January 13, 2014 under Featured, Top Games Lists
    Time to fire our opening salvo for 2014. Here is the best new MMORPG 2014 games list. Only those massively multiplayer online (MMO) games that were launched in 2014 or are in closed/open beta this year are included. New MMORPG 2014 List Zombies Ate My Pizza - post-apocalyptic browser MMO shooter with a side of snark. Players scorch their way through hordes of hungry zombies, complete pi... more.
  • New MMORPG 2013 – Games You Should Really Check Out

    0 CommentsPosted by on December 6, 2013 under Free MMORPGs
    Well quite simply, here is a list of the best new MMORPG games 2013. These are the must-try MMO (massively multiplayer online) games that have been released in 2013. New MMORPG 2013 Games Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter - one of the most anticipated MMO games of 2013. It has a great classic RPG feel to it, awesome graphics and fun gameplay. This is our top pick for 2013, meaning that if ... more.
  • Best MMORPG 2013

    0 CommentsPosted by on November 21, 2013 under Top Games Lists
    Alright, so it's almost the end of 2013 so it's just about time to evaluate the year in terms of MMO gaming. Let's not beat around the bush too much. In this post I will answer the question: what is the best MMORPG of 2013? Best MMORPG 2013 Index: Free to Play Pay to Play Buy to Play (No Subcription) Browser MOBA Shooter Best Free to Play MMORPG 2013 In my opinion, it's Dun... more.
  • WoW Clones: Fun Games like World of Warcraft But F2P

    2 CommentsPosted by on October 7, 2013 under Free MMORPGs
    Games like WoW (World of Warcraft) are very much in demand these days and game developers have not been sleeping on the job. There are several massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) like WoW that are free to play. These are often called WoW clones because of their similarity to Blizzard's bestselling product. It's interesting to note that the makers of WoW have recently annou... more.
  • Most Requested: Browser Games Like Runescape

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 3, 2013 under Free Browser MMORPGs
    Since this blog started there has been one question that people often ask and that question is "what are some good free browser MMO games like Runescape?" Apparently there are a lot of people who are looking for something similar (or better than) RS. This is a list of the best free MMORPGs that you can play on your browser with no game client download needed. This not a list of every single gam... more.
  • Editor’s Picks: Spotlight on Free Anime RPG and MMO Games

    1 CommentsPosted by on September 24, 2013 under Free MMORPGs
    For those players who love Japanese animation, here is a list of anime-themed RPGs and MMO games with cute anime-style graphics. In contrast to Western titles that mainly use realistic art and computer-generated graphics, the ones listed here have stylized, unrealistic and sometimes over-the-top graphics and animation. You might also notice that anime-style art is rather colorful and bright. Br... more.
  • Top 5 Free MMORPG 2013 Games List

    0 CommentsPosted by on July 4, 2013 under Featured
    Check out our top 5 free to play MMORPG games list for 2013. Here we pick the best games for you that are truly fun and a cut above the rest. These days there are dozens of f2p MMOs to choose from which is very good news for players. Unlike the old days when a good quality MMORPG could easily attract hordes of gamers, currently there is such fierce competition that a new title has to be really goo... more.
  • New MMO Games Releases and Expansions 2013

    0 CommentsPosted by on April 3, 2013 under Free MMORPGs
    This is where you can find the very latest and freshest news about new free-to-play MMO games releases and expansions. Enjoy the list of new MMOs and please visit us again soon. This post will be constantly updated with new info. March 2013 Heroes & Generals Open Beta The highly anticipated shooter MMO, Heroes & Generals, from the creators of Hitman enters open beta. The time ... more.
  • Free MMORPG No Download Games

    11 CommentsPosted by on April 1, 2013 under Top Games Lists
    Here is a list of free graphical (no text games here) MMORPGs that are played on your browser. Take note that the links here will bring you directly to the game. Since all of the titles listed here are free and can be played on your browser, there's no point in reading a 3-page review about each one. Just go and play it, it would be faster. Drakensang Online - a hugely popular 3D fantasy MM... more.
  • New MMORPG Releases and Expansions 2012

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 2, 2012 under Free MMORPGs
    This is the place where the latest and freshest news about new releases and expansions of free to play MMORPGs will be posted. Only f2p games will be listed. Enjoy the list and please do visit us again soon. This post will be constantly updated with new info. October 2012 - New Releases, Expansions and Updates Cyber Monster Now in Open Beta Cyber Monster, following a popular closed beta p... more.
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