Focus on Player vs Player Content: Online PVP Games

The best free online PvP games, MMORPG or MMO-style, are here!  Player vs player is a big part of multiplayer online gaming. While single player games can have very fun combat, nothing beats the excitement of competing against a real person in a no holds barred battle to the death.

It doesn’t really matter what type MMORPG or MMO it is, if there is no PvP, what’s the point? That’s why practically all such games have player combat content. The types of PvP in MMO games vary. To give a few example there is “no rules” player killing, dueling with consent, guild or clan wars, faction vs faction, combat arenas, tournaments, and mini games with rules and objectives such as capturing the flag.

Best Free Online PVP Games – MMORPG

Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic – player vs. player (PvP) combat is open, which means there are only a few limitations on who can be attacked and who cannot. Once a character reaches a certain experience level, that character can become “PK” and participate in PvP fights, which allow players to prove their skills — fighting individually or as part of a group or guild.

Items dropped by characters are randomly picked from all equipment on the body and in the backpack. To discourage unfair play, characters will not drop loot when the attacker is 10 levels higher or lower than the attacked character.

However, on the special Player vs. Environment (PvE) servers, PvP is only possible in duels and when both players have flagged themselves PK.

Visit the Runes of Magic official website for more information.


Land of Chaos Online – LOCO takes you to a Utopian fantasy world where your aim is to overthrow your enemies using up to three different hero characters. Each hero has unique abilities, so strategy must be employed when selecting which hero will participate in battle. There are two varying game modes for battle including intense PvP combat and massive arena-style battles. With a blend of third person shooter, real time strategy and role playing, Land of Chaos Online provides you with endless challenges, action and adventure as you roam this mysterious world and face your enemies.

Best PvP Games Online – Top Tank Warfare Game

World of Tanks – this is tank warfare at its finest. The ideal game for modern war games fans, World of Tanks has been played by over 5 million people. Players take control of one of hundreds of authentically designed armored vehicles. The flexible system of vehicle upgrade and development allows you to try any of the tanks and weapons in the game. For example, players can opt to exhaust their foes with fast and maneuverable light tanks, plow through enemy lines with all-purpose medium tanks, or destroy foes using long-range howitzers. In short, each unit type has its own advantages and can be extremely effective when operated by a true tank ace. That means lost of fun as players can try out many different tactics to win their battles.

To play World of Tanks, visit the official website.

Best Free Online PVP Games – Browser MMOs

Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online – At its core, BSGO is a space combat game. This is one of the best free online PvP games for people who prefer science fiction or futuristic space settings over medieval fantasy MMOs.

Battlestar Galactica Online features a lot of action-packed tactical PvP combat with a huge range of offensive and defensive systems. The story of this browser MMO game involves a strategic battle for resources and territory between Human and Cylon players raging across dozens of star systems.

Players also have the option to challenge other players to a private 1v1 instanced PvP ranked match or duel. The game’s matchmaking system will help pair players of similar ship size and skill levels. Players can and do compete to earn a spot on the top 100 server Top Gun rankings.

Find out more about BSGO, visit the Battlestar Galactica Online official website.

Best Free Online PVP Games – Anime Style

S4 League

S4 League – this is a great game for fans of Japanese animation (anime). S4 League is a very popular and fun third-person shooter MMO that has gorgeous, colorful 3D anime-inspired graphics. Players who love PvP will never get bored with this free game because it has tons of player vs player content.

There are different PvP game play modes to choose from:

  • Touch Down Mode – with rules similar to soccer
  • Deathmatch – a thrilling game mode for players to enjoy showing off their tactics, reflexes and fighting skills just like in other shooters.
  • Chaser Mode – it’s all about evading a major enemy, the Chaser, over a stated time.
  • Arcade Mode – reminiscent of classic arcade shooters, players walk along a path through a 3D world and encounter tons of opponents to blow away. This requires good reflexes and fast tactical decisions.

To learn more about this free MMO game, visit the S4 League official website.

This short list of the best free online PvP game is not complete but it will be updated every month with the latest new and upcoming MMORPG and MMO games.

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