Big Budget MMO Games That You Can Play for Free

With the dozens of free MMO games available today it can be hard to choose a good one to play. This is a list of the top big budget MMORPGs that are f2p. Big budget MMOGs are those that were developed by one of the top game companies in the world that spent lavishly to create a game with the best graphics, sound and gameplay.

These are the top titles that were developed over a period of years and have the best production values. In other words, they are the most polished games that are just as good or maybe even better than the top pay to play MMORPGs.

All of the MMOs listed here have the following features:

  • stunning 3D graphics
  • great music and sound effects
  • smooth and polished gameplay
  • comparable to the top pay to play games
  • tons of content and extra features

Top 5 Big Budget F2P MMO Games

big budget mmorpg f2pAge of Conan – a fantasy MMORPG based on the Conan books and films, AoC has a well developed story line, fully-voiced NPC dialogue (during single-player quests), impressive graphics, and a brilliant combat system. The game also features free-for-all player-versus-player combat. Its realistic graphics have gotten a lot of praise from reviewers and its vast, breathtaking scenery is a delight to explore. With a reported development budget of more than $25 million, Age of Conan is the top big budget free to play MMORPG today. Be warned, though, this is a dark, gritty, more mature “sword and sorcery” experience compared to the others in this list.

dungeons and dragons onlineDungeons & Dragons Online – a solid AAA MMORPG that remains faithful to the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. It really doesn’t get any better than this – from the stunning graphics that look good even on older computers to its rich, deep storytelling, DDO has the best content for lovers of fantasy role-playing games. DDO is particularly recommended for people who enjoy exploring dungeons filled with puzzles and traps.

Lord of the Rings Online – based on the classic Lord of the Rings fantasy series by Tolkien, LotRO is a must for fantasy fans. This game emphasizes story and lore; players who enjoy interactive quests will love LotRO. Its packed with content and fun extras like player housing and the unique “Monster Play” feature. Monster play is a form of player vs. player combat in which players can control special level 50 monster characters and engage in consensual combat with regular characters. This allows lower-level players to experience high-level PvP. Of course, as a big-budget MMORPG, it has top-of-the-line graphics and sound.

Star Trek Online – the Star Trek universe truly comes to life on a massive scale. Players have the opportunity to become a high ranking Starfleet officer and take part in epic ground and space missions that take them into the depths of space, across exotic planets and even inside other starships. Star Trek Online offers total customization, from a player’s avatar to the ship he captains. Plus, using the Foundry players can create and build brand new missions and stories to share with the entire Star Trek Online community, a feature that none of the other games listed here have.

Note that the games are listed alphabetically.