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Build Self-Confidence – Go Fight A Monster (In-Game, That is) « MMO Worlds

Build Self-Confidence – Go Fight A Monster (In-Game, That is)

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Build Self-Confidence – Go Fight A Monster (In-Game, That is)

Here is a creative guest post by Morgan, a long-time MMO player, on how to build self-confidence by playing MMORPG games.

Build Self-Confidence – Go Fight A Monster (In-Game, That is)

The rules and expectations of modern society can be difficult to live up to. Most of the time one is too worried about doing the wrong thing or making the wrong decision. Sometimes there is a lack of confidence or self-esteem in facing situations that one feels unready for, like a first job interview, or passing a college entrance exam, or even just asking a girl out for a cup of coffee and maybe a piece of cake.

No matter how one rehearses the lines or the action required in front of a mirror, one’s imagination sometimes fails and the worry takes over. Relaxation becomes almost impossible and the more nervous one is, the more likely that one will exhibit behavior that can be misinterpreted as inadequacy. Here is where playing free MMORPG, massive multiplayer online role-playing games, can actually help one release stress as well as help visualize a better scenario of overcoming one’s difficulties and achieving goals.

How could playing a game do that? Free MMORPGs introduces one to a world where a lot of things are possible and are actually happening. One may wonder how to even begin to learn and absorb the rules of this new world. This in itself should broaden one’s perspective that while there is a big world out there, one can make a difference if one just focuses on the goals and what needs to be done. It also encourage openness and a certain level of bravery to actually start exploring, asking questions and eventually, fighting battles like in free online strategy games.

The character creation is also a good exercise that a free MMORPG provides because it makes one more conscious of the strengths and abilities considered most important. This could lead to a level of self-knowledge that can actually boost one’s confidence in the real world. Maybe that strong, powerful, heroic character is not so far from its creator after all, and therefore it should only be too easy to perform for that band audition with much lesser qualms.

The whole experience of leveling up and collecting experience or achievements or currency – whatever is the measure of success as defined in the game – gives the player a stage on which to practice and train himself. As one plays, one will notice the progression from a hesitant fighter to a brave warrior. Or it could be learning the other way around from being an over-eager, reckless mage to a more controlled and more powerful one. Either way, there will be a realization at some point that there are ways and there are skills that one already knows and that one already has that can actually equip him for real life challenges. The game also helps in providing that image in one’s head of overcoming a very tough boss while on the way to an important interview. Visualizations such as these can trigger that boost of confidence that is often half the battle won already.

There is more to free MMORPG than just pure play. Its fantasy lends imagination to reality, and in the process it can enhance one’s own real life quest. Try one of our free MMORPG games like WoW or some browser MMO games like Runescape today and see for yourself how games can build your self-confidence.

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