F2P MMORPG Games Online 2012 List

When it comes to MMO games, many prefer free to play titles. These f2p MMORPGs used to be thought of as low quality games but that is now outdated thinking. Nowadays, with the release of many new top quality, big budget MMOGs from well-known developers and many more due to be out in 2012, players can expect f2p MMORPGs to be just as good as pay to play subscription titles. Here is an overview of both existing and upcoming 2012 games.

Upcoming 2012 Free MMORPGs

  • Planetside 2 by Sony Online Entertainment, developers of legendary classic MMORPG Everquest
  • Marvel Universe Online by Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment
  • Neverwinter (the MMO) by Cryptic Studios
  • Torchlight MMO by Runic Games
  • Transformers Universe by Jagex, makers of Runescape
  • Wizardry Online by Headlock Games
  • Sevencore developed by new studio Noria

They are reportedly due to be released next year. For more details and links please visit the New and Upcoming 2012 Games List.

Top F2P MMO Games 2012

f2p mmorpg 2012

Our top picks of free MMORPG games that will continue to entertain players next year:

Runes of Magic
– with over 5 million players, RoM is amazingly popular which definitely makes it one of the top f2p MMORPGs. With it’s beautiful 3D graphics, over 2,800 quests, player houses, comprehensive crafting system, challenging dungeons and lots of player vs. player features such as arenas and open battlefields, RoM has enough content to appeal to every type of player. In addition, the developers regularly release new expansions (or chapters, as they call it) which are all free.

Wizard 101 – this is another extremely popular MMO with kids and teens. There’s nothing quite like it so we expect Wizard 101 will continue to dominate the family-friendly MMO games market for some time to come.

S4 League – this anime-style sci-fi action MMO may not be for everyone but for those who love that type of colorful over-the-top combat, S4 League is the best. A fast-paced 3D f2p online multiplayer third-person shooter, S4 League has a lot of fans who love PvP. No grindfest here, it’s all pure action all the time!

Urban Rivals – let’s not forget the browser MMO genre. Urban Rivals is one of those easy to play but fun casual games that nonetheless has depth.