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Free Online Strategy Games

Since this website is all about MMO games, here is a list of the best free MMORTS, also known as Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy games. These are multiplayer RTS games that are played on your browser.

In these war games, players take on the role of the leader such as the king, general, hero, etc. of a virtual land. He or she will make decisions about building fortifications and housing, training troops, researching technologies or skills, gathering resources, and so on.

Because these free battle games are set in a persistent world, the progress of the game is in real time, not game time. In other words, the virtual world does not disappear or become inactive while the player is logged off. The player’s city will continue to gather resources, for example, even he is offline.

Finally, another feature that differentiates a MMO strategy game from other kinds of games is that, as the name itself implies, it is done in a massive multiplayer way, with large numbers of players all competing with each other.

Top Free Browser MMO Strategy Games

Iron Grip: Marauders

iron grip mmorts

Iron Grip: Marauders, the newest installment in the Iron Grip series,  takes place in a war-torn landscape where you are thrown into the middle of the fast-paced, blood-soaked world, you must fight for riches and power. You assume the role of an airship captain and engage in battles (against both AI and other players) that will test  your will and the strength of your army in vivid, rich 3D graphics in order to capture the resources you need to expand your forces and territory.

Upgrade your army and bases in the strategic portion of the game from your airship base in the sky, and be prepared for your next battle. The best part is you can do all of this from the comfort of your favorite web browser and for free!

The main advantage of Iron Grip: Marauders is that the battles are experienced in real-time. Whereas the building and researching of units takes place in the control panel, the actual combat take place in a separate 3D window. This means that you can direct each unit individually on the battlefield — a genre first for the Browser-Based MMOSG.

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Top Free Browser MMO Online War Strategy Game – Warflow

In the free browser MMORTS Warflow, people are suffering from years of war between three nations. Beginning as an unknown warlord with a small town, each player must capture and draft heroes through the battles with NPC warlords, in which gamers will be able to enjoy conquering the toughest battles.

Some battles, like Legionary War or Kingdom Warfare, are fought on a massive scale and players in a legion or a nation must interact and coordinate with each other to ensure the victory and domination over the enemy.

With flash-animated real-time battles and a diverse array of heroes and formations deployed by individual players, the battle system is far more realistic than any other browser-based MMO of its kind. For those who crave the thrill of war, the joy of camaraderie and the glory of victory, WarFlow is the place to be.

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Best Free MMORTS Games Online – Evony

Evony is a persistent free-to-play city-building game with a massive player base of over 25 million players. The game is centered around its vast player community, who are divided by server and alliance. While it’s possible to go it alone, most successful Evonians join an alliance, which support up to 99 players, facilitate complex offensive & defensive strategies as well as offering protection in the game’s 24 hour a day action. When work, school and family come first, it’s crucial to have a trusty band of Lords and Ladies watching your back.

Now is also a good time to play because Evony has recently entered Age II, an expansion update that not only added lots of new content, but also gave Evony a graphical overhaul with a new user interface and hundreds of new in-game units and buildings.

Ready for some fun? Create a free account in Evony now, you won’t regret it.