Games Like Club Penguin But Better – Where to Find Them

You just have to love Club Penguin. It has it all: colorful graphics, quirky and fun games, lots of players, no download needed (you can play it on your browser) and, best of all, it’s free to play. It can’t get any better than that, right? However even the best game will get boring after a long time so many fans end up looking for something similar to Club Penguin but better.

Games Like Club Penguin But Better

Where to Find Them:

So what exactly would make a game like Club Penguin but better?

online games like club penguin
  1. It should be made for children, either young kids or older children. Games that are for adults are not good for younger players who need to find a safe game where there is no bullying, cheating or inappropriate content. This is the most important thing when looking for a good browser games.
  2. Social interaction should be easy enough for kids but strictly moderated. Now, a game like Club Penguin is more fun compared to others because kids can play with their friends online. A single player game just cannot compare to it at all. However, to ensure that the game is safe enough for young people, the chat and other social features need to be closely monitored so that people won’t be swearing or harassing other players.
  3. Fun gameplay is the best. Games should be fun, this doesn’t really need a lot of explanation! There should be many minigames inside of the game so that there is a lot of things players can do.
  4. Nice graphics are cool. Everyone loves great graphics and fun animations or special effects. That’s when the kids will be yelling at their friends “look, look at my Penguin!” when they see something funny or cool.
  5. No download. Games that you can play on your browser without having to download or install anything are best for kids since it is the easiest to set up. Just go to the webpage, type in your username and password and you are good to go!
  6. Lots and lots of people to play with online. It’s just better to play with people rather than alone.
  7. Free to play is the best thing ever. Honestly, why pay money for a simple but fun game you can play on your browser? It just doesn’t make sense if you are a casual player.