Games Like the Sims

The bestselling The Sims series has many fans who are always on the lookout for the next best thing – online games like the Sims but free to play and free to download!

free to play and download

Life Simulation Games

These are games that simulate ordinary life in all it’s glory, with characters that you can create and then control. You can dress them up, train them, play minigames with them and many other such activities.

Habbo Hotel – first off is this enormously popular game that has over 200 million created characters as of January 2011. It’s the world’s largest teen virtual community and social game. Like the Sims, Habbo Hotel is not a fast-paced beat-up-monsters type of game. Instead, players focus more on doing everyday things in their virtual lives.

Habbo Hotel is a 2D, browser-based virtual world MMO That allows you to create an avatar within a virtual world, make new friends, purchase a house and decorate it.  The game offers you the chance to join a vibrant community filled with millions of like-minded individuals all with the same goal – make new friends, join new communities, chat for hours and have FUN! Click here to play Habbo Hotel for free now.

Free Multiplayer Fantasy Games Like the Sims

Life simulation games are the closest you will get to a game that is almost exactly like the Sims so please note that the following games on the list are not exactly the same as the Sims. They all have similarities to the famous series but have their own gameplay elements that may be a little bit different.

However, these free massively multiplayer online simulation games are all have very similar elements, too. The added elements, like pets or non-human characters, magic spells, gang warfare and such only make the games more fun – and fun is what everyone is looking for when it comes to playing games!

Runes of Magic – Although Runes of Magic is very much like the Sims in that you make a character that you take care of, it’s actually classified as an RPG game. Try it anyway, it’s free and you might enjoy it.

A Mystical Land – a brand-new online 3D browser game. Explore a fantasy world in which combat, adventures, and NPCs await your discovery. In A Mystical Land you can choose from one of four character classes, fight against your enemies, and even learn a valuable skill such as blacksmithing, cooking or mining.

Sports or Tournament MMO Simulation Games Like Sims

World Golf Tour – WGT bills itself as the most realistic sports game on the web. In this golf-themed MMO games, famous golf courses including Bethpage, Kiawah Island and St Andrews’ Old Course have been recreated in virtual reality using HD photography and patented technology. Each course is photographed from every angle, providing a true-to-life experience for golf enthusiasts. WGT is played using a web browser without any downloads or fees. This is the best online game for golf fanatics because WGT is the official online gaming partner of the USGA, R&A and LPGA and hosts virtual championships of many major golf tournaments, including the 2011 Virtual U.S. Open and the 2011 Open Championship.

Military Life Simulation Games Like Sims – Free to Play

Slick Sleeve – a free browser MMORPG game in which the player takes on the role of a professional soldier of the US Army with the goal to reach the rank of a 4 Star General. This browser game is perfect for all active and former soldiers as well as all military fans.

Slick Sleeve is a game which describes the life of a young recruit in a satirical manner, so many elements of the game are made not too serious. For example you are able to crush your enemies with the help of epic weapons such as earplugs or flea bags.

MMO Games Like the Sims

All of these online multiplayer games are free to play. Some may require a download (which is also free) but others can be played directly on your browser with no download needed. Enjoy these many games like the Sims!

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