Best Free MMORPG Games Like Maplestory

Best Free MMORPG Games Like Maplestory

Maplestory is an old game with millions of players and because of this there are always fans who are looking for the best free MMORPG games like Maplestory.

Currently there are two notable games that are cute, anime-inspired side scrolling 2D MMORPG games like Maplestory. These are Grand Chase and Dragonica Online.

Grand Chase – Best Free MMORPG Games Like Maplestory

Grand Chase is a very fast-paced, heart-pounding, action brawler. It’s a a fun, 2D Action MMO that combines side-scrolling and dungeon-crawler gameplay with anime inspired visuals. This is a game that truly raises the bar for free-to-play online gaming; setting itself apart from the pack with superior quality, design, and execution. Players can expect a game that combines elements of traditional RPG character advancement and customization and adds new cooperative and competitive elements.

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mmorpg like maplestoryThe basic concept of Grand Chase is for 2-4 players to work together to clear dozens of multi-roomed dungeons, each with a boss at the end. This sort of game play is rarely seen in free-to-play MMOs making it a relatively unique gaming experience. There are a total of three continents, each with multiple levels, and each level has several difficulty settings. Missions are quests which usually require the player to play a specific stage but unlike most games the quest rewards in Grand Chase are very helpful and important. Entire armor sets are given away by completing beginner stages, making them a top priority for new players.

All in all, Grand Chase is something of a unique addition to the Action MMO genre. With an amazing selection of characters to choose from, multiple co-operative and PvP game modes, and a compelling social element it makes for a perfect place to allow new or young players the opportunity to learn the most basic mechanics of the MMO. Though, at the same time, it offers a full gameplay experience well suited to players with significantly more experience, and as such, is a title well worth checking out for anyone interested in some fast-paced, Action MMO fun.

Grand Chase Screenshots

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Dragonica Online – Free MMORPG Like Maplestory

Dragonica Online, on the other hand, is a unique 2D/3D hybrid MMORPG set in a vast fantasy world. The visuals are all modeled entirely in 3D much like World of Warcraft or EverQuest 2; however, the environments are drawn in 2D and take a side-scrolling form, much like MapleStory and LaTale. It’s really very similar to many 80s beat ‘em up games like Golden Axe or Final Fight in that you move left and right, but can also move up and down, but with 3D modelling, takes the genre to a completely new level.

Dragonica Online initially offers 4 traditional class choices: the Archer, Magician, Thief and Warrior; however, upon reaching level 20 you are asked to choose between one of two sub-classes specific to your original class choice, and can then begin to tailor your class to suit your own specific style.

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Though it must be said that Dragonica Online’s finest feature is its visuals. Characters are dressed head to toe in ever changing suits of armor; weapons have their own individual and unique appearances, and each individual skill has its own special effects attached to it. Even the least impressive ones are easily noticed.

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Additionally, Dragonica Online has an instance system that allows for players to segregate themselves from other players that they do not feel like playing with, either due to bad manners or simple congestion. That, combined with gorgeous visuals, in-depth character customization, a world as vast as it is beautiful and a traditional side-scrolling MMO style makes Dragonica Online a game that everyone should try, though if you are new to the world of MMOs and looking for a good place to start, then Dragonica Online should certainly be it. A simple concept combined with simple controls and an ‘easy-to-learn/hard-to-master’ game scheme make it the perfect place to start your journey into the MMO world.

Dragonica Online Screenshots – Free MMORPG Like Maplestory

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