3D Vampire MMORPG – Free to Play and with Gorgeous Graphics

Finally there is a good free 3D vampire MMORPG that horror fans can enjoy, no more 2d browser games for fans! No text games here either, they are all in glorious three dimensions, all the better for players to immerse themselves in the dark world of the undead.

Female VampireForsaken World – an excellent free to play MMORPG that has a vampire class worth playing, Forsaken World is loads of fun. The vampire class in Forsaken World is extremely versatile and stylish-looking. True to classic vampire lore, vampire characters are able to transform into a bat. In their bat form players can breathe fireballs at enemies.

Forsaken World is a very high quality MMORPG that is fun and immersive with beautiful graphics. The game uses updated proprietary 3D engine (Angelica) which allows it to run smoothly even on lower-end computers. Critics have praised its gorgeous world design as well as the sheer amount of content that is available. Much of the appeal of this game is that unlike many other free to play MMO games that are set in Asian/Oriental worlds, Forsaken World was designed with the Western gamer in mind with a very Western feel to it because it is based on European myths

Some of its most popular content includes a PvP system that has gotten rave reviews and floating guild bases for players to fight over. However, there’s more to this MMO than just fighting. It has a 14 professions (including Chef, Fisher, Miner, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, etc.) which is certainly enough for people who like to craft, skill and roleplay.

Link: Forsaken World official website

3d vampire mmoEudemons Online is a free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG that is ideal for vampire fans. In the mythical world of Eudemons Online, you can choose to be a Warrior, a Mage, a Paladin, or a Vampire.

Take note that the vampire class in was inspired by the likes of Vlad the Impaler and Countess Dracula (aka Elizabeth Bathory) – the darker side of the vampire legend – not the kid-friendly ones.

The vampires look beautifully gothic in Eudemons Online and can be customized to player tastes with various pieces of clothing, armour, hair styles, otherworldly equipment and weaponry. Their skills include the the ability to travel at the speed of lightning and to suck blood. They may use the mount “Ghostly Horse” – a terrifying undead horse surrounded by blue flames that leaves a trail of fire when it runs.

Now is a good time to play because Eudemons Online’s newest expansion, Trumpet of the Legionnaire, was recently launched last December 22nd. The expansion introduces tons of fresh content such as an all-new storyline, new system, pets, mounts, quests, five ancient Eudemons representing five mystical elements and even a multi-rider mammoth mount.

Highlights of the game include a unique pet system, beautiful visuals, a true dark Vampire class, a massive community and PvP Legion competitions.

Link: Eudemons Online official website

Upcoming 3D Vampire MMORPG – Moonlight Online

Update: March 2013 – the game is now out! How to access it?

1.) Go to the IGG website.
2.) Create account.
3.) Play Moonlight Online (you can also access many other free MMOs there).

In the upcoming vampires vs werewolves MMORPG Moonlight Online, not only can players create a gloriously three dimensional vampire character, they can also race down dank alleys and leap from building to building using superhuman acrobatic abilities that enable parkour-style stunts in real-time combat. Moonlight Online is fun, has beautiful graphics and, best of all, it’s free to play

3d vampire mmorpg

This vampire-themed 3D MMORPG is due to be released by the end of 2011 so it will be out any time soon. Even though Moonlight Online is still under development you can already check out the previews and make a new account at IGG games to make sure you can be the first to play it when the closed or open beta is released in a few week’s time.

Vampires vs Werewolves vs Humans

Moonlight Online will allow gamers to immerse themselves in a vast world teeming with wonder and mystery. Gothic metropolises, verdant countryside and vast moonlit wastelands await exploration as players choose from 3 races – immortal vampires with their immense grace and strength, massive werewolves representing ultimate speed and fury, or blessed humans endowed with great intelligence and courage. Once the faction is chosen, they will plant themselves in the midst of the most epic tales which bespeak of the torn and forbidden interracial romances.

Let the Vampires take a bite and feel the life drain away, replaced with…a hunger. Run with the Werewolves and feel the true strength and fury of the wild! Or retain some semblance of humanity and remain human, forever on guard against the evils of the night.

Stunning Realistic 3d Graphics

vampire vs werewolf mmorpg

What about the look and feel of the game?

Peace-loving humans will embark on their free-spirited journeys from their rustic farms by the verdant countryside. Savage werewolves begin their feral adventures in the vast moonlit wastelands. The proud and noble vampires will have their roots in a medieval gothic metropolis teeming with opulence and mystery.

The developers of Moonlight Online are using the latest technology in high dynamic range lighting (HDRR) to create changes in atmospheric and meteorological elements. Imagine slogging through a snowy blizzard as you pick up a quest to save a village from some infamous terror, but then returning victorious to the very same village with the sights and sounds of spring all around you once you’re ready to hand in the quest. The realism ranges from the metamorphosis each piece of architecture undergoes with the changing seasons right down to the color of the foliage as it turns from a crisp grassy green to warm autumn reds and browns. That’s the kind of living, breathing game world that the developers promise you can expect to experience in Moonlight Online.

Update of the current status: Alpha testing has already started on the Chinese version and the developers have promised lots of great free gifts like exp, gold, rare pets, mounts and more (this is in the official news release) at the official launch of the English version. No confirmed release date yet. To register to play this upcoming free to play 3D vampire MMORPG game or find out more information about it, visit the developer’s website IGG games and register for an account that will allow you to play all the games there.